UPV is the Politechnical University of Valencia. Nowadays, the UPV is composed of 13 university centers spread across three campus (Vera-Valencia, Alcoy and Gandia-EPSG).The university community is made up of over 40,000 members. Of these members, about 35,800 are students, 2,800 are teachers and 2,100 are in the group of administration and services (PAS). Most of the people who work in this project are in the EPSG campus. Today, there are approximately 2200 students, 200 teachers (61% doctors), and 60 people in the staffing and management services. In the EPSG there are 13 specialized laboratories, those are of interest for this project are: applied physics laboratory, acoustic chambers, anechoic chamber and reverberant chamber, with capacity for sound power testing, sound absorption, free field, etc. Acoustics lab equipped with several sound level meters, analyzers, kundt tubes of different types of tests, impact hammers, shakers, acoustic holography device, side transmission equipment, software to obtain predictions of room acoustics, sound insulation, noise maps etc. and the Material Testing Lab.

Currently there are personnel and equipment to diagnose any acoustic problem in European building. The Material Testing Lab is where the study of the materials, from the acoustic point of view, and its subsequent applications in different areas of acoustics, are carried out. New materials made from recycled materials and/or natural fibers, as composites and nanofibers, are part of the type of acoustic tests already performed on this lab.