log5-acr-grupoACR Group was founded in 1973. This company initiated the extensive business activity which has now lasted for almost four decades. Since it started business, ACR Group has stood out as a company with a clear industrial vocation in project management on the building sector, ensuring deadlines, guaranteeing levels of quality, and taking its customers' commitments on board as though they were its own. Some of its most emblematic works are related with big projects such as the Parliament of Navarre, the Center for Applied Medical Research of the University of Navarre (CIMA), Pamplona's Music Complex or the integral development work carried out in the Beurko district in Barakaldo (Biscay).

The ACR GroupĀ“s Construction Section takes on all kinds of building work, standing out for its work in housing, facility buildings, renovation, industrial infrastructures and urban development. ACR Group has delivered more than 15,000 houses, mostly state-subsidised housing, making its degree of experience almost unique in Navarre. ACR Group is currently building more than 1,400 state-subsidised homes in five regions in Spain. The Real Estate division allows ACR Group to carry out 100% in-house building and development projects. The outstanding results of our developments are based on a set of requirements that give us that extra edge over our competitors in the sector: Architectural "green building" design; Adaptation to the environment and energy efficiency; Quality in building in both materials and parts; Personalised customer service.