log3-enviroment-park The Environment Park plays a prominent role in transferring advanced solutions and innovative technologies to small and medium sized enterprises settled within the region, together with the diffusion of significant best practices, through special projects, specific training activities and the organization of thematic events. One of the main activities of Environment Park is the laboratory for surface treatment with low environmental impact
nanotechnologies (Clean). Major tasks are dedicated to Research, Development and Technological Transfer (R&D-TT) of innovative solutions for industry. Environment Park integrates competences in different scientific disciplines.

Moreover, over the past 5 years has developed competences in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies with the aim of evaluating the environmental burden caused by the innovative plasma processes developed within the laboratory and by innovative chemical solutions based solutions (sonochemistry, Super critic Fluid Natural agents extraction, etc).

Another important business unit of Environment Park is the Green Building unit that offers consultancy and design services in the field of eco-compatible architecture. This professionalism has developed over the years, thanks to various experiences at both national and international level. The service includes support for companies, professionals and institutions, in order to define the most suitable bio-building solutions for the planned works in relation to the established economic limits, cost analysis and the preparation of performance specifications. Up-to-date information is available concerning problems related to the environmental certification of buildings and products and, in particular, the new eco-compatible materials available on the market.