This website provides public information about WOOL4BUILD project co-funded by EU's CIP-Eco-Innovation – First Application and market replication projects' Grant agreement no: ECO/13/630249/SI2.681252


Official start date of the project was 1st October 2014 with a duration of 30 months.

The main objective of WOOL4BUILD is to develop a sustainable product for buildings isolation based on the wastes and by-products of hair and wool produced in the tannery industry, with improved performance in the acoustic and thermal isolation and able to optimize energy efficiency and indoor air quality.


  1. To increase the thermal and acoustics isolation properties of panels, optimizing the energy efficiency and the level of comfort in the buildings.
  2. To improve the hygrometric performance of panels, being able to absorb up to 33% moisture and help to maintain comfort conditions, adding or removing humidity depending on conditions.
  3. To optimize other additional features as insect and fire resistance, mechanical resistance, adaptability and lightness, durability, good handling and recyclability.
  4. To develop a product with low environmental impact, able to replace materials based on non-renewable raw materials and/or obtained through poor energetic efficiency processes, as polymeric materials, and inorganic wools of glass and rock.

To give a high added value to by-products and waste material from tannery companies, opening a new business line for companies in this sector.